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Helping HAI Grow


Please help us grow the dream of HAI by contributing generously.

Since 1968 the Human Awareness Institute has been promoting both personal growth and social evolution by replacing ignorance and fear with awareness and love.  If you are reading this, you have probably experienced the power and beauty of HAI’s personal growth offerings.  And, as you look around you it’s easy to see that the world could really use a big shot of love.  Donating to HAI Global, becoming a member, is your opportunity to support something that you know will make a difference for individuals and for our planet. 


The HAI Global Membership Program

Support the continuation of HAI’s amazing mission by joining our Membership Program.  Funds raised from your heart-felt contribution will keep the organization thriving and viable and support the future health of HAI.  Contributions are the tools, the seeds and the water that will make HAI Global grow.


Your donation helps HAI grow.

When you donate you help cover the costs of offering our exemplary workshops. Our aim is to keep our workshops affordable to the widest range of people. The costs of producing these workshops and expanding our reach to touch the lives of more people worldwide are not fully covered by workshop fees.  We rely on your donation to make up the difference – similarly to how museums, universities, and public broadcasters operate.  

Please take a moment to close your eyes and reflect on all the ways HAI has touched you or changed your life, and perhaps positively affected the lives of those you cherish.  Your tax-deductible contributions to HAIGlobal will allow us to share this great workand touch the lives of many, many others.  Our Membership Program provides an ongoing source of income that we can rely upon from month to month, year to year.  We would be honored if you would become part of our HAIGlobal Membership Program.


Annual Donations

We are also aware that many of you give annual or periodic donations to organizations you care deeply about. Please consider us for that kind of contribution as well. There are links below for both our membership program and one-time donations.

We appreciate your support in Creating a World of Love and Acceptance


Thank you for visiting us, and contributing to HAI Global, and to the world.


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